Quince Productions is a service we offer encompassing full production, songwriting and artist development. Producer/Songwriters Matt Walters and Andy Hayman can provide everything from full production to providing lyrics, melody and chord progressions for you. Quince have many great session musicians and singers that we can call upon also, so please feel free to ask us should you feel you may need to. As producers, songwriters and remixers Quince have mastered a wide variety of styles and genres relentlessly looking forward, always keeping in mind the clients needs and always seeking critical acclaim.


Christabelle, Appleton, Sugarbabes, Just Jack, Rosie Ribbons, Andrew Hunt, Blue, All Saints, Naomi Roper (Fame Academy/Polydor), Joe O Meara (S Club 7), Rachel Noack (Big Life) Jaygun (Dog), MC Vulcan (Lush/Kiss FM), Dennis Wonder, Lil Gem (Wildchild), Kinane (Warner/Coalition), Elico.