Planning Your Session - Decide what the purpose of your recording is, and ensure all members agree.
How Many Songs Should I Record - Decide this before the session starts as this can kill time.
Quality or Quantity - Quality!!!! Industry types rarely get past the 4th song.
Arrangements - Rehearse your songs and make sure all band members know their part(s).
Scores - Have all scores/ lyric sheets written and composed.
Less is More - Your recording is not the time to try out your chops. Remember the song is the most important thing, not over indulgent playing.
Equipment - Turn up on time with all equipment checked and ready.
Mixing - This is done after all recording. we apply EQ, dynamics and effects to each track and then set individual track volumes and panning.
Mastering -
During mastering, the final stereo mix will be processed to even out the highs and lows, boost the overall volume, and make the audio more consistent.